My Kuwait driving licence was issued in March 2009. The expiry mention in my licence in March 2019. In 2016 I moved to Dubai and now I have a valid UAE driving licence. Now my company wants me to move back to Kuwait. Can I renew my existing licence? If no, can I apply for new licence using my UAE licence, without reappearing any test? Can I drive in Kuwait using UAE licence during visa stamping time?


Name withheld

Answer: When you exitted Kuwait in 2016 after cancelling your residence permit, your driving licence also stood cancelled. You can therefore not renew something that you don’t have. Consequently, when you return to Kuwait, you can’t renew your cancelled Kuwaiti driving licence. Applying for a new driving licence in Kuwait on the basis of your UAE licence will depend on your nationality. So you have to check out to see if your country is one of the lucky ones whose citizens can exchange their driving licences with that of Kuwait. As to whether you can drive in Kuwait using your UAE driving licence while waiting for your visa to be stamped. We advise that you seek that information from the Kuwait Traffic Department

Source: Arab Times