KUWAIT: The political situation in the Middle East is not stable, and people are worried of the repercussions of US attacking Syria. Some are anxious while others aren’t bothered too much and feel safe in Kuwait. The government tried to allay fears by announcing that it is ready for any emergency situation. George, a 35-year-old Filipino expat is worried of the situation and the planned attack on Syria. “I already bought canned food to last me for two weeks at least and some of my friends also have done the same. In case of an attack, or if the war spreads across the region, I will head back to Philippines with my family as it’s quite far away. But if everything is fine, I will continue to stay in Kuwait,” he told the Kuwait Times. Osama, a professional expat photographer is optimistic and thinks that nothing will happen. “I think US is only threatening and they won’t attack.

In fact, I don’t care if they attacked Syria since it’s quite far from here and I wouldn’t mind going there to take photos of the war, if it happens. In general, I feel safe in Kuwait,” he pointed out. Nand, a 50-year-old doesn’t believe that any great attack will take place. “The United States only wants to save its face internationally and not really interested in regime change in Syria.

At the most, it might be an attack on a small scale, so I’m not really worried. My philosophy is to not worry as it won’t help or change reality. I feel safe here and have no plans to leave or buy extra food supplies,” he stated. Ahmadi Co-op noted that the sales are in normal range, and they are not running short of supplies in the canned food department. Khaitan Co-op experienced a shortage during these last two days but that’s only because they were taking stock. Also the Diaya Co-op didn’t notice any increase in sales or demands for canned food over the past few days. Siham, a 29-year-old Lebanese expat also thinks she is safe here. “We don’t feel the threat of any attack on Syria here as they do in Lebanon and Syria.

Hezbollah threatened to attack any country supporting the US attack which may reach the GCC countries, but I feel safe here and I hope nothing will happen. This is one of the primary reasons why I’m living in Kuwait. I have started saving to help my family in Lebanon in case they need something, but I don’t think my life will change,” she noted. Ibtisam, a 33-year-old Syrian expat is only worried about her family members living abroad. “In general, I don’t think the threat is very serious, and here we are far from it. Kuwaiti government stated that everything is safe and we don’t have to panic. Even when the war on Iraq in 2003 happened, we didn’t suffer, despite Iraq being our neighbor.

I think that maybe some demonstrations related to the attack may take place in Kuwait but the government will control it. I’m only worried about some of my family members who are still in Syria and I pray that nothing will happen to them,” she explained. Abdulwahab, a 55-year-old, said that he has been through more terrifying situations in Kuwait but still never thought of leaving. “I’m optimistic and I don’t think something bad will happen, and even if it did, Syria is far from here and is not Kuwait’s immediate neighbor, unlike other countries. Besides, I don’t have any money to save and I’m living my life normally,” he admitted.

By Nawara Fattahova