You will need to obtain a transit visa for Saudi Arabia, for all passengers on the trip. To obtain the transit visa, you'll need to obtain first a UAE visa (it is a requirement).

The transit visa is valid for 3 days.

To obtain the visa, you'll need:

  1. Passport and residency that is more than 6 months current.
  2. Photos with white background for each passenger.
  3. Proof of UAE visa.
  4. Cash for visa (I believe it is 23 KD each passport).

In addition, I recommend getting a triptych. I travel often across the border and technically you don't need it as you are not leaving the GCC but it is better to obtain it anyway - you might get asked especially if it is the first time the car is traveling. You can get this from the auto club which is located on the intersection of the 4th ring road and Ghazali.

Gather those documents and go to the Waseet office which is located behind the North Nugra complex in Hawally (google map link).

They are open in the morning from 8 till 12, and then in the afternoon after 4 PM.

If you don't speak Arabic, it is best to grab a friend that does as the staff there have very elementary knowledge of English.

If you are granted the visa, you'll need to travel through the Nuwaiseeb border point. From there, it is pretty much a straight shot down to the UAE on Saudi Highway 95; the journey will take around 12/13 hours.

If this is your first time traveling by road through Saudi Arabia, please note the following:

  1. Women are not allowed to drive.
  2. If you have any female companions, they have to be dressed modestly (no shorts, bare shoulders).
  3. You'll need to obtain vehicle insurance at the Saudi border. It is less than 100 SAR (less than 10 KD) for three days; you will have to obtain separate insurance for the UAE at the UAE border.
  4. Gas stations take cash only, and gasoline is available in 91/95 RON only. There is no 98 RON as available in Kuwait (called "ultra super").
  5. All businesses close during times of prayer.
  6. There are camera speed traps on the highways.
  7. Most gas stations have only minimal services, try to stop at the SASCO stations which are better fitted and well maintained.
  8. You will very rarely find sitting toilets on the road side stations.
  9. If you stick to the SASCO branded stops, you'll find restaurants that have family seating; otherwise your female companions will have to eat in the car.