The #UrwaFarhan wedding was a spectacular affair; celebrity bigwigs were part of the occasion, fancy designer clothes were worn and the fairytale wedding was organised to the T with family, fans and the media present. However, many weren't happy with the festivities.



After all the hoopla surrounding the events, Mawra Hocane decided to speak up on behalf of the newly weds and her family. She took to Facebook and shut down trolls for pointing fingers at Urwa and Farhan.


"My sister injured her ankle on the day of her nikkah so much so she could not walk the next day but what do you know about her pain because all you saw was that BIG smile on her face as she greeted each and every fan & every member of the family. We won't tell you and you won't notice because, of course, being a hater gets you attention," wrote Mawra.

The actor felt it necessary to speak up because the hate had turned ugly.

"I usually don't respond to negativity as it doesn't affect me but this time around it's about my family. While I'm overwhelmed that we are now three public figures in the same family, I want to say we are still human."

But she didn't let the negativity get to her, instead, she ended her note by sending love to all the trolls: "Close your eyes and think for a moment what it is that you lack in your life that you find pleasure in pointing fingers at others. It's probably a void due to the absence of love & compassion. So here's a bucket full of Love for you. Live and let live. We, as a family, wish well for you and hope you do too."