Even after the Dangal actor also got positive reviews for her work in Secret Superstar, she has no plans for turning acting into her sole career just yet.

Hindustan Times reports that Zaira, who grew up in Kashmir, says she did not grow up watching Bollywood films and had no desire of becoming an actor.

“I still do not know if I'm going to become an actress in the future as a serious full-timer, but every time when I act, I try to deliver my best. Both the films that I have done offer beautiful stories,” said the 16-year-old..

Zaira still became a real life secret superstar after auditioning for Dangal.

Remembering the experience, Zaira says, "I did not go there with any expectation, but with a curious mind to explore and know what is acting and how they audition. Rest was a process and I think I am one of the luckiest children who got the best opportunity. And then working with AK (Aamir Khan) twice... I am blessed."

Aamir Khan has been in both Dangal and Secret Superstar and Zaira admires how he made sure to never overshadow her performance. But that also means her newfound fame and recognition is 'overwhelming'.

"They look at me with so much love and affection and appreciate me for my work! What could be more overwhelming than this?"

But despite the critical acclaim and success, Zaira doesn't let her celebrity status define who she is.

"Nothing has changed in me, trust me... I can spend the whole day in a room with some good food, and play with my cats. I have three cats -- one is black, one white and a brown kitten. I love them... I keep playing with them."

While we love her grounded approach, we do wish to see her in upcoming films. Here's hoping!