KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: Change in residence law of changing visit visa to residence permit will have positive aspect mostly helping families of expats to reunite them. The change in law allows families to visit their loved ones, children and wife to visit their husband. Parents to visit their children, brothers and sisters to visit families which helps in reunification of family on humanitarian grounds reports Al Anba.

Sources said that the decision aims to expand the granting of all kinds of visits according to controls set by the General Administration of Residency Affairs, in addition to enabling businessmen to invest and keep up with the expansion plans in tourism activities.

The sources pointed out that the new law would help highlighting the position of Kuwait in humanitarian issues through the creation of (emergency visits), and allowing the conversion of visit visas to residence visa in several cases, including domestic workers , family, tourist or business visit.

Visit Visa conversion

According to the sources, allowing the visit visa to be converted into a Residence visa / Work visa for those who entered the country under a work visa and began procedures for obtaining residency requirements, but had to leave the country and stayed abroad for a period not exceeding one month.

According to the sources, the amendment allows the Kuwaiti consulate / embassy abroad to issue a tourist visit, according to the Residency Affairs regulations.

Reduce of domestic labor .. and modifying the demographics
Article 6 of the resolution, grants number of domestic workers which states that it may be granted 3 workers for a household of seven members or less. This move is aimed at reducing the granting number of domestic workers to modify the demographics, where initially more than 3 domestic workers were allowed for family of 7 and less.

The sources pointed out that the decision justifies the recruitment of new domestic workers, and ensures that 4 domestic workers may be granted to the family of more than seven individuals, as well as one domestic worker may be granted to a family in addition to the number specified for each person with disabilities in the family, provided that proof of disability documents issued by the competent authority.

Source: Arab Times