KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27: Results of a poll conducted by HSBC Bank revealed that salaries of expatriates in Dubai are higher than their counterparts in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Singapore, New Zealand, Tokyo and Sydney, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In addition, companies in Dubai offer some of the most generous employment packages to expatriates who receive $138,177 a year and this is higher than the global average of $99,903.

These figures were based on data that HSBC collected from more than 27,000 respondents who participated in the ‘Expat Explorer’ poll.

Despite the high salaries of expatriates in Dubai, results of the poll showed that Mumbai, India is the most generous as expatriates there receive $217,165 per year — the highest in the world. For expatriates in Kuwait, the average salary is $123,044 per year and Kuwait ranked 17th among the world’s cities in terms of salaries given to expatriates.

The annual salaries of expatriates in Abu Dhabi and Doha are higher than those in Kuwait.