The people and the Pakistan Government Salutes and pay tribute to the Brave People of Kashmir

Kuwait: The Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan His Excellency Ghulam Dastgir thanked to the community for gathering to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brave Kashmiri brother s and sisters who continue to face brutalities of the Indian occupation forces on daily basis.

The recent brutal and indiscriminate use of force by the Indian occupation forces has resulted in the martyrdom of over a twenty young innocent Kashmiris in different incidents on 1st April. The Indian forces continue to use live fire, pellet guns on un-armed protesters, including youth and children and have suspended internet services, in an attempt to subjugate and further repress the innocent Kashmiris.

The mindless killing spree exposes, yet again, the ugly, inhuman face of the state-terrorism that India has been perpetrating against the Kashmiries for decades. We have repeatedly pointed out that the Kashmiri youth is being deliberately and systematically targeted with a view to breaking the will of the Kashmiri people However, such cowardly actions of the occupying forces only serve to fortify the resolve of the Kashmiri people.

Pakistan expresses its complete solidarity with the people of Jammu & Kashmir. We urge the international community to take cognisance of the gross and systematic violations of fundamental human rights, including the most basic human right to life, taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir and use its influence with India to bring an end to the shameful culture of impunity that has been fostered there for several decades.

The people and the Government of Pakistan salutes and pays tribute to the Brave and resilient people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, who have been peacefully demonstrating against the brutal repression, incarceration, torture and extra judicial killing perpetrated by the illegal occupation by Indian Forces.

The Prime Minister has stressed the need for the International Community to urge India to allow access to fact finding missions of the UN Human Rights Commissioner and OIC Human Rights Commission to Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. He has called upon the UNSC Secretary General to appoint a special representative for Jammu & Kashmir, where India, encouraged by the Silence of the International Community, continues to kill with impunity.