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Pakistan Christian society Celebrates Independence Day on 01-Sep-2016 at Pakistan English School & College Jaleeb Al Shauaikh, Kuwait the program was sponsored by Pakistan Business Counsal and Pakistan Business Center

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پاکستان بزنس کونسل اور پاکستان بزنس سنٹر کویت كے زيراهتمام ايك خوبصورت جشن آزادی پروگرام مارینا ہال جلیب الشیوخ کویت
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Sunahri Yaadein Musical Night on 12-Aug-2016 at The Kuwait Austin Center, Mishref, Kuwait

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2016-قبله سيد منظور الكونين شاه صاحب (مرحوم) كى فاتحه خوانى: 30 جولائى

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Inauguration of Pakistan Crescent Society Kuwait on 28-Jul-2016 at Al Hythem restaurant, Farwaniya, Kuwait


Reference to Pakistan Embassy’s communication stating that my tenure of 3 years starting from 30th May 2013 has come to an end.

I am extremely grateful to Allah Subhana-wa-Talla that I have adequately, successfully and respectably completed my duration of stay as Member OPAC.

I owe huge thanks to H.E. the Ambassadors from 2013 to 2016 and other officials of Pakistan Embassy, Kuwait who had always been very cooperative, supportive and sincere towards my initiatives and action plans that I endeavored to accomplish during my tenure.

I am very gratified for immeasurable support and encouragement provided by Heads/Presidents of Pakistani Community social and cultural organizations who participated in my plans as OPAC member and fortified me to achieve my dreamed results.

Last but not the least, I am very proud, pleased and indebted towards my team members who stood with me through thick and thin and proved to be a very dynamic and vibrant force to make my multi directional projects workable and make this community a benevolent welfare group.

I am extremely satisfied and contented at my conscience level that I have done my duty diligently to the best of my ability with my personal resources and with my best intentions to serve the community and my country within my scope of duty and authority.

At the end, once again I thank you all that you supported me for 3 continuous years.

I wish new OPAC member the best of luck and offer my unconditional support, if needed.

With sincere and best regards

Hafiz Mohammad Shabbir
Ex-Member OPAC
CGM&CEO – Al Hafiz Company


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